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Which hand is the eternal theme of mental magic.

As we talk about Which hand, what do you thinking of? Magnetic coin? The detector in your hand? Wristbands? Psychological skills? Multiple outcomes?

Forget about the ideas you used to know, ADR will take your which hand to the final stage.

ADR consists of a keyfob and a receiver, which allows you to take it with you or hang it with your key at any time.

Under the appearance of exquisite leather pendant, there is a high-tech chip hidden. This chip allows you to judge which hand the audience has hidden it from a distance of several meters away from the audience, and you can also know the front and back of the keyfob (Heads and tails effect).

Basic effect of ADR:

  • Take out the keyfob you carry with you (which can be checked by the audience) and give it to the audience. Let him put it behind back and hold it in his left or right hand.
  • You ask the audience to hold out their left hand (you already know the result) and then hold out their right hand.
  • Now you can directly tell which hand the audience hid the key chain in, which is 100% correct.
  • Of course, as a bonus, if you like, you can directly guess the front and back directions of the keychain!
  • Your hands, wrists, arms don't need to hide anything
  • You don't need to be close to the audience, you can perform the effect 0-10 meters away from the audience
  • You can turn your back, you can blindfold
  • You can guess the front and back from a long distance (the two sides of the key chain are different, of course, you can also put a small sticker on one side of the key chain)
  • The effect can be repeated to the same audience without any secrets being discovered
  • The body of ADR is hidden inside a keyfob made of genuine leather, which can be checked by the audience. (audience can't open the keyfob)
  • The quality has been tested for a long time use, and it is very durable.

ADR: Which Hand Keyfob (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Secret Factory

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