Abacus by Rus Andrews

Mystique Factory

$ 50.00  
Imagine being able to predict/reveal a thought of two digit number and playing card without

the spectator saying a word, everything exists purely inside their mind Sounds impossible

right? wrong, with abacus you can do this and a whole lot more, from open predictions to

acaan style effects. abacus is a principle that opens doors that no other has done before and is

being performed by professionals worldwide.

"Rus has adapted a very clever Max Maven idea and applied it to cards. The result is a very

interesting and very easy version of the ACAAN effect." - Marc Paul

"You have created a wonderful piece of mystery here and I'm getting strong reactions when

performing it." - -Paul Rohmany

"Abacus is a combination of devious creativity and boldness. Rus has had numerous great

additions and nuances to this plot over the years but he's really nailed it here. If you like the

plot and want something your going to use I highly recommend Abacus". -Steven Palmer