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The Frame:

While sitting with a participant, the performer starts to read the participant to an accurate degree. He writes on a piece of card what he believes the participant’s zodiac sign to be, when turned over it is confirmed to be so!

Getting To Know You:

The performer is able to give the participant an accurate reading about themselves using nothing more than a deck of playing cards!

A Moment from a Memory in Time:

The performer sits with a group of people an addresses a female in that group. After asking her a couple of questions about her intuitive nature, the performer asks her to join in attempting to divine a memory. The participant is placed in a particular frame of mind and she starts to feel answers, and with no prior knowledge of the performer, she is able to reveal several pieces of information that include places and names, all of which are confirmed to be true!

Red John... A cute killing - Murder and the psychic detective:

The performer invites 5 people to take part in a murder mystery. One murderer is chosen, the performer is then able to divine who is in fact the killer, and reveal further information, such as the date of the murder, the weapon they used, and their star sign.

Burnt Memories - Hidden Influence (Kenton Knepper):

Leave your spectator with a mystery that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

The Try Principle - Ian Rowland:

This is an in-depth analyse of one of Pete's effects by Ian Rowland.

4th Dimension Telepathy:

The performer is able to perform 3 incredible feats of mind reading with out anything being written down. He is able to reveal someone's zodiac sign, a personal piece of information, simply thought of by the participant, and another participants PIN code. He is also able to create a magic square using the information that was divined.

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Compilation of Contributions by Peter Turner (Download)

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