Dissolve Deck by Ron Salamangkero and Mystique Factory

Mystique Factory


Dissolve Deck comes with a custom made gimmick (ready to use) and online instructions.

Dissolve Deck is created by Ron Salamangkero. Imagine your spectators select any card. The card is signed and they push it back into the deck. You hand the deck to them and when they open the card box the whole deck is vanished they only find the freely selected signed card.

Dissolve deck is a perfect closer for your card routine it’s very easy to perform you can put anything inside the box apart from the selection. Business card, candies, chocolate bars, coins, keys anything that fits into the card box.

It all depends on your creativity the posibilities are limitless.

The best part is you end absolutely clean. Before the reveal of the content of the box you are done. They can open to box they can freely handle it or even keep it.

Keypoints to remember:

-No Force, its a completely free selection

-The card is signed

-Customizable gimmick you can use any deck

-You start and end completely clean. Everything is examinable!

-You can perform it anywhere, anytime

-Perfect for close your card routine