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Half a decade later Peter Turner has finally picked up where he left off on his original Jinxed dvd set. In his own words “I had so much to say and share, but sadly not enough time, not enough knowledge and my ability to translate what I had buzzing around inside my head was lacking”.

The project is limited edition, similar to the original – But this time there’s only 200 ever going to be made available worldwide. A number of which were snapped up before finishing this description!

“I’ve finally cracked it, I feel this is the perfect blend of mechanical and psychological methods and the outcome will blow your minds. I bet I fool you with methods you already know!” Says Pete.

There’s a series of brand new effects, essays, insights and principles to get your teeth into, here is a video where Pete gives you a behind the scenes of what to expect on Jinxed 2.

No fancy hype, no fancy trailers or reaction shots. Trust us when we say if you loved Did2, Escalators or the Bigger Fish Files you’re in for a serious treat.

This is a physical product that allows the user to access their own folder where they can download the content! We think you’ll be shocked when you watch the intro video (ok that was a bit of hype) but it’s a touch we guarantee no other video download has provided!

Content list:

“ Pre-quivoque ” 

This is my take on equivoque, the participant chooses the perspective (so no ambiguity on left or right) whatever they choose is what is used in this experiment and completely solves the whole ambiguous nature of equivocal choreography. 

- There are 3 routines shared under this subject heading. One using playing cards (to teach the subject). One is a living and dead test and the third a psychometry routine. 

“ Essay ” 

In this essay I share two simple effects that prove the philosophy of the essay - 

The first is an impossible location routine. 

50 match boxes are laid on a table inside an enclosed room. The performer and a group of participants stand outside the room and a series of matches are given to a participant who puts them into any matchbox (killing the use of a marked box). The boxes are mixed and the participant returns, then a second participant goes in quietly mixing the boxes (this process can be repeated until the group are happy none of them including the performer know the location of the matches). 

The performer walks in and in turn asks each participant to focus on what boxes they moved. The performer picks up just one box and is always correct! 

The second is more childish in nature but really demonstrates how easy it is to change a participants beliefs. You convince them they have felt the touch of a spirit in an empty room. (There are two variations of this effect). 

“ SOS ” 

This is a number force/ divination system, this system allows you to force more or less any 2 digit number you require to add to a range of routines. Under this subject heading I share a number divination effect and a very clean Any Card At Any Number (great for table hopping). 

“ Any picture at any number ” 

A remote viewing experiment 

A participant is introduced to a stack of random drawings - the stack is turned facedown. The participant is asked to think of a random drawing (not focusing on any one they specifically saw inside the stack). They are asked to hover their hands over the cards and first feel whether they believe the drawing they are thinking of is inside the stack. 

They are then to deal to any number they desire and stop when they feel they have hit their drawing. 

Boom! You guessed the rest. 

“ Think of anything ” 

The participant is given a piece of card and is asked to leave the room (which is not a necessity) and think of something and write it down. 

The participant comes back and confirms that they could have chosen literally anything in the world, without ever touching the piece of card (no switches or peeks) and the performer is able to reveal the information! 

“ 1089 ” 

Everyone knows this force, including laymen but I’ve created a clever simple way to re-use these type of forces (Grey elephants, or any simple number force) making them fresh, brand new and more impossible than ever. When you see this you will laugh at how simple yet clever this is and will make you re-look at this whole area of Mentalism in a fresh light. 

“ Think of two “ 

A borrowed deck of cards can be used (not that anyone carries them) they are shuffled by the participant, the deck is spread, two cards are thought of by the participant and they re-shuffle the deck. 

The performer lets the audience attempt to guess the more obvious of the two cards. After proving how difficult it is the performer then nails the second one! 

This can be done 1 on 1 and a deck of cards don’t need to be used for this! Flash cards can be used meaning you can finish with a drawing duplication. Clean, fooling and impossible to back track. 

“ Essay ” 

Two effects that will destroy hecklers - one by myself and one by Michael Murray! 

One is a name divination and the other a pin code divination no props (other than something to write your impressions on) which are 110% fail safe! 

“ Instant mind power ” 

Take a borrowed deck of cards and turn it into a mind power deck (without having to gaff it!) meaning you can instantly divine several cards with ease. 

“ Clean up ” 

A routine that enables you to dupe a table full of drawings with no fishing! 

There’s a couple of other routines also, packed full of subtleties and a surprise feature on here that is I feel is so out there that no one will have seen it coming! 

Jinxed 2 by Peter Turner

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