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Daniel Bryan brings you a modern, super visual penetration of two organic objects that most people have on them every single day.

Imagine having the ability to take your smart phone and a borrowed bill from your spectator and then do the impossible in the most visually insane way ... You seemingly yet impossibly pass the phone straight "THRU" their borrowed bill ! It appears to be like a camera trick as it visually glides through their bill, then you suddenly pull the phone straight through the centre of their bill! They see it, and even hear it rip straight through their bill!

You then slowly open up your spectator’s bill to show them it's completely unharmed with no rips, no tears, nothing to be found and the phone is completely undamaged. You then can hand everything out for examination if you would like to do it.


"THRU" is a very clever and deceptive piece of visual magic that can be done anywhere and for anyone. On this Project You will learn everything you need to know, on how create your very own special gimmick and how to go out and perform this stunning piece of visual TV MAGIC for the REAL WORLD leaving people in disbelief.


Daniel also shares his brilliant BONUS effects using a bank card (or any plastic card) with a borrowed bill or even just using two bills. You can even incorporate this principle using your business card, which is a great way to hand out your business card, which will leave your spectator with a lasting memory and most importantly your details for future bookings.

This is Super visual organic piece of magic, which is all so very commercial for a working magician. Things to know - . Different detailed ways are taught on this DVD on how to make your gimmick, to best suit you. SUPER VISUAL. EASY TO DO. EVERYTHING CAN BE BORROWED IF YOU WISH. EVERYTHING CAN BE EXAMINED AT THE END. THIS IS ... "THRU" TV MAGIC FOR THE REAL WORLD

„It's a great, it's visual and its fun” -Troy

"The visuals on Dans effect are amazing. Slick, organic and magical. What more could you ask for? "

-Peter Nardi 

"Looks like a really cool piece of impromptu street style magic"
-Wayne Fox

"THRU is killer! It is so organic and it fooled me big-time! I NEED THIS!"
-Kevin Schaller

"THRU is a practical, deceptive and visually stunning piece of wizardry that is so cool and brilliant that I wish, I thought of it. 

It's ingenious!"

-Myke Phillips

Creator of iUnlockYourMind App.


"A very clever method and a very visual effect. A contemporary miracle"  

-Lee Smith

'It seems such an organic effect that is super visual, I love it!'

-Tom Elderfield 

"Tell ya what I hate magic tricks purely because I'm a mentalist but that looked Fukin insane lol" 

Rus Andrews


"Man that effect is pure awesome! so visual"
Arnel Renegado


THRU by Daniel Bryan:: Mystique Factory

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