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"I am amazed at your execution of the trick"
Bruno Hennig

"Jon has done some wonderful work on the card to Box plot. Superb!"
Tommy Wonder

"I truly recommend this trick to the working professional; It is more than just a trick"
Dean Dill

"Destination Box is so much more than a 'card to impossible location' prop. It is the strongest closer you can do in close-up. I've performed it for thousands of people for nearly 20 years!"
Noel Qualter

"Destination Box is THE BEST prop I have ever purchased in the last 30 years."
Craig Petty

"Jon Allen's Destination Box has been a cornerstone of my trade show and close-up set for more than a decade. It comes with my highest recommendation."
Seth Kramer

"Destination Box is so much more than a 'card to impossible location' prop. The genius behind the principle involved and its application can open up so many more doors in magic and mentalism."
Robert Bone

There have been many variations to Bruno Hennig's classic Card to Box... but none that come close to Destination Box!

Effect: You hand someone a locked box. As a finale to your signed card trick, you unlock the box to reveal another box inside. Within this box is a folded playing card. You fairly and cleanly take it out to reveal it is the signed card.

Jon Allen has consistently created some of the most sought-after magic tricks over the past 20 years with the Destination Box being at the top of the list. For over 15 years he opened and closed almost every close-up set with it. Many professionals have done the same.

When Jon Allen releases something into the magic community, you know it will be professional level quality, has been thought through, worked on and performed in the 'real world'. There will also not be any difficult sleight of hand to worry about. Destination Box is no exception.

What would you want from your ideal 'Card to Box'?

  • The card in the box is the "actual" signed card?
  • No need to switch the card?
  • Feel safe that only you can open the box?
  • The box is 100% examinable?
  • Use any style of playing card?
  • Have a box suitable as a feature item?
  • Adapt the box to your own style or theme of an event?
Destination Box delivers all of these PLUS the ability to perform other routines with it including Signed Note to Box, Headline Prediction, Brainwave Prediction, Confabulation, Watch Steal finale and more.

Destination Box is a remarkable, multi-purpose item that can get you jaw-dropping reactions.

The instructional video teaches you every aspect of performing Destination Box, making the most of Jon's 20 years' experience with it, as well as how you can use the box to connect with people and improve your performances.

DESTINATION BOX (Gimmicks & Online Instructions) by Jon Allen

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