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Blackpool 2023 - The trick of the convention.

Watch the trailer to see this fooler effect in full! Two freely chosen cards are dropped into the deck and they find a third chosen and signed card. The trick is repeated and the second time the two cards find the Royal Flush. The trick feels like a skill, but it is easy to do.

Drop is much more than a sandwich routine. The gimmick can be used to find the spectator's chosen card or the 4 Aces, or even multiple cards such as a phone number. It can also be used to force one or more cards. The only limit to the use of the gimmick is your creativity.

Thomas teaches the complete routine in an accompanying point-by-point video. The demonstration can be done on a table or in the spectator's hands and the trick is instantly reset at the end of the routine, so it can be performed again immediately.

The trick is so easy to do that after a few hours of practice, you can even present it with a real blindfold or ask the spectator to throw in the cards while you dribble the deck and the trick will work.

The pack includes two special gimmick cards that can be added to a regular Bicycle deck, so if the spectator signs a card from the deck, you can give it to them as a souvenir and later replace their card from another regular deck.

No short card, crimped card, corner short or anything of that kind visible to the naked eye. When the gimmick is in the deck it is completely invisible.

Rarely is an effect created that is so powerful for magicians and laymen alike. This effect has run for 4 years in Thomas' own shows and we are happy to share it with you now.

Enjoy the trick.

Drop Red (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Thomas Badar

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