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The coloring book is one of the most used props by parlor magicians. But what about close-up magicians...?

Jordan Victoria reimagined this huge classic adapted for close-up magicians with the most used tool: A deck of cards!

The Effect:

You introduce a blank deck. With a wave of your hand over the top card, outlines start to appear! You can now show that all the deck has transformed into an outlined printed deck.

Now what about the colors? Simply flick the top card into the air (or any of your favorite changes) to reveal the colors! Spread the deck and show that all the cards are now colored forming a completely normal deck.

Important Points:

  • The routine has been designed to be easy to perform on both table and stand-up situations (perfect for your everyday use).
  • Each step is structured to show and display the cards at any moment.
  • Various psychological convincers enhance the effect.
  • No roughing, no court cards or extra gimmicks.
  • Ready to be used out of the box
  • +Bonus (the Jokers prints themselves inside the box)

Decks specially printed by the USPCC with the classic Rider Back.

Designed and imagined by Jordan Victoria. Produced by My Magical Project.

My Coloring Deck by Jordan Victoria (Blue)

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