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One of the biggest hits of 2024 Blackpool was Thomas Badar's JUPITER trick. Now here's the additional trick for JUPITER, we present you JUPITER PREDICTION!

JUPITER PREDICTION is a pure prediction effect, where the magician shows a prediction before the trick starts. A prediction with four playing cards. In a deck that has been examined and shuffled by the spectator, the magician and spectator turn over four random cards under the table, then spreads the decks out as cleanly as possible on the table. One by one, the chosen cards are turned over and magically match the predicted cards.

The trick can be presented with the included prediction photo, but you can also predict any four cards from the deck, be it a pin code or a serial number. Additionally you can present the trick without any prediction at all, where the magician and spectator magically find the 4 Aces.

The effect can be performed with any type of deck, but to perform the trick, you must own the JUPITER main trick.

The trick can be presented on a table, but it does not have to be your own table.

The trick is easy to do and the reset takes about 10 seconds.

The effect is an absolute fooler for laymen and magicians alike, if Thomas has the chance he will showcase this incredible effect everywhere. We hope you will like it.

Enjoy the trick.

Jupiter Prediction by Thomas Badar

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