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Give your beloved deck collection the home it deserves with "Vélo", a first-of-its-kind playing card storage and display system.

This stylish and flexible wooden storage system was meticulously designed from the ground up. Its convenient modular design paired with a timeless aesthetic make it the ultimate all-in-one-solution for collectors, cardists, magicians, and hobbyists alike.

What is "Vélo"

"Vélo" is actually two separate product options. Vélo Clear is the clear-top display case, and Vélo Stack is a drawer unit which is perfect for storing your decks. They are sold separately, but their real value comes from their ability to be seamlessly stacked together in seconds with no tools required. It's a luxurious all-purpose card cabinet that can be easily adjusted to suit your unique needs or budget. As your collection grows, so can your "Vélo".

"Vélo Stack"

The convenience of "Vélo" truly shines through with "Vélo Stack". These specially designed modular wood drawers stack together in seconds. Simply place one on top of the other, and for the perfect finish, add a Vélo clear on top. They also have the angled insert for easy access to your cards, but you can easily remove it to quickly transform the "Vélo Stack" into a more traditional drawer for other small props or accessories.

Want to add a clear-top display unit too?

Constructed of high-quality wood and featuring a wide acrylic viewing top, "Vélo Clear" is the perfect way to showcase 12 of your favorite decks while also protecting them from dirt and dust. Each one includes a removable soft insert that rests the tuck boxes at the perfect angle for highlighting their most elaborate details, while also giving you quick and easy access to your cards whenever the top is open.

Please note: Vélo Stacks are sold individually. Vélo Clear is available to purchase separately.

More than two years were spent painstakingly designing and building "Vélo" from the finest materials. No detail was spared. Even its name was inspired by the French word for Bicycle (a subtle nod to the most famous cards in the world).

Get the playing card storage system designed by collectors, for collectors. Get "Vélo"!

"Vélo Clear" and "Vélo Stack" sold separately. It is strongly recommended that you do not stack more than 8 "Vélo" units at a time.

Velo (Clear) by Vanishing Inc

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