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Most of you are familiar with the "Out To Lunch" principle where a drawing or prediction magically appears on a note card or business card that has been signed by a spectator. It's a classic of magic that's been around for decades. Dozens of different routines have been devised over the years, most using a rubber band around a small stack of cards with the rubber band covering the edge of a hidden half card.

Leave it up to John Kennedy to finally bring this classic of magic to its ultimate level of deception. John calls it Clearly Out To Lunch. With this new method your audience will clearly see the center of the stack of cards the entire time. There's no rubber band going across the cards and covering the edge of a hidden half card. In fact that thought will never enter anyone's mind. Big improvement, right? But there's more...

The gimmick has a built in 'double prediction' feature that allows a second prediction to appear on the card after you reveal the first prediction. You read that right. After you reveal your prediction you then place the card face down on the table. When you turn it back over, a second prediction magically appears next to the original prediction! This is a brand new feature that has never been possible before.

You will receive the beautiful red anodized aluminum buckle with its red elastic band. You can quickly customize it to work with your own business cards or note cards of any color or texture. Everything is taught on YouTube video including John's "Invisible Prediction" routine that utilizes the double prediction feature. You're going to absolutely love this!

"Clearly Out to Lunch is John Kennedy's genius re-invention of the Out to Lunch principle. John's improvement is so clever, I just laugh when I look at it because it's so deceptive. Your spectators won't stand a chance."
Chris Smith

"Leave it to John Kennedy to finally bring 'Out To Lunch' up to date. With an original new design that looks more "MOMA" than "Magic Shop", John has eliminated the low-rent look of a wide rubber band and replaced it with modern taste and style. John also added a new feature that gives us powerful possibilities while making the classic elements even more deceptive. A fooling effect powered by an intelligent method, this is the mark of John's magic."
Michael Weber

"Everyone knows the genius of John Kennedy, as he has shared his original creations with the conjuring community for over 40 years. That said, I wrote a book on the Out-To-Lunch principle, so I think I'm qualified to proclaim that John's devious new design elevates this age old principle, and for the first time, is Clearly Out To Lunch!"
Gregory Wilson


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