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In May 2023 Michael Murray was invited to present his 'Experimental' lecture at the wonderful 'May Day of Magic' mini-convention that is held annually in Darlington...

To accompany this lecture, Michael produced a set of lecture notes that featured many of the ideas that he presented on the day. Due to the demand for these notes from those that were unable to make this event, Michael has produced a small number of these notes and is now making them available worldwide.

To accompany these notes, you will be supplied with several additional props that help to facilitate some of the ideas contained within its pages.

Michael stresses that this lecture is both experimental in name and experimental in nature and as such, some of the ideas were being previewed for the very first time. Some of these ideas are still in development and will make their way into future product/book releases after further refinement.

This 42-page book includes:

Pause for Thought - A Simple yet thought-provoking quote designed to draw the reader's attention to an often overlooked use of language within effects.

(NEW) On the Edge *(Props for this will be supplied with this book) - A simple way to create the equivalent of an electronic die for under £1.00, plus a way of forcing anything you want at any point in your act.

(NEW) Trilogy *(Props for this will be supplied with this book) - Reveal three thought of words in a highly direct fashion. This routine features Michael's revolutionary 'Combine Harvester Technique' which is due to be released at a later date in a book of the same title.

(NEW) Perfect Memory - A method for harvesting multiple pieces of information from a borrowed mobile. This can be used as a pre-show harvesting tool too!

Rock & Roll *(Originally featured in the 'Remote Perception System' booklet) - The perfect introductory effect for any 'Rock, Paper, Scissors' based routine. This features Michael's famous 'Tombola Force' technique.

(NEW) Child's Play - A multi-layered 'Rock, Paper, Scissors' routine that can be performed both close-up and on stage.

Fragment *(Originally sold separately) - Access to the full video performance and explanation for Michael's incredible ACAAN effect.

Show Reel - *(One gimmicked page will be supplied with this book) - Access to the full video performance and explanation for Michael's incredible 'Show Reel' effect.

Directional Intuition *(Originally featured in the 'Magical Problems & Mental Solutions' booklet) - A 100% propless Q&A effect that allows the performer to address and resolve an issue that exists only within the mind of the participant.

The Collective Concious *(Originally featured in the 'Magical Problems & Mental Solutions' booklet) - The perfect closer to any stage/parlour show that guarantees a standing ovation.

Selling the Reaction *(Originally featured in the 'Magical Problems & Mental Solutions' booklet) - A simple yet effective method for increasing your participant's reaction to any given effect.

Closing Words - Closing these notes is yet another of Michael's favourite quotes designed to further inspire the reader's perception of mentalism as an art form.

Note: Whilst this book is not strictly a limited edition, owing to the developmental nature of the ideas contained within, they will not be produced in huge numbers.

Experimental by Michael Murray

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