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Stone Cold Mental Volume III

Join me as I continue to share with you my personal collection of mentalism effects and routines from the past decade and a half or so.

In Volume Three you'll find a wide variety of routines, including effects with ESP cards, Tarot cards, and themes relating to fate, dreams, celebrity crushes, jellybeans (yep, jellybeans!) and a whole bunch more.

Plus, you'll get full access to a custom web app that lets you create your own forcing matrix along with an anagram generator, and a couple of other goodies including print outs of one of the props you'll need.

Continue with me on the journey to de-boring-ify your mentalism. After all, why be boring when you can be Stone Cold Mental!

A Face off at the Cafe
A weird venture into the land of the magician's dream where the spectator's decide what your dream was about, and they're right, and you have undeniable proof!

Into the Void
Somehow the spectator makes four completely free choices, yet without using multiple outs, or equivoque, the mental meddler has predicted the exact outcome. The spectators, themselves, can reveal the prediction without the mentalist intervening at all. Did I mention that all the choices are free?

A random number is chosen (free choice). Then a couple of spectators decide on random mathematical operations to make on the number, yet the brain-buster has 100% correctly predicted the outcome, and in an unexpected twist, the final number predicted turns out to be the spectator's last four digits of her phone number!

The Accountant
The classic "guess how many jellybeans are in the jar" game is the centerpiece of this effect as 5 spectators decide together how many jellybeans are in a jar. There is no force, and there is no mathematical manipulation of the numbers, yet they always 100% guess the correct number of jellybeans.

Someone Else's Fate
Two spectators who know, love, and trust each other are asked to help decide the other's fate. Along for the ride the magician gives a brief Tarot reading and knows exactly what fate was chosen.

Tarot-able Teens
This is a weird one. It's a prediction of three Tarot cards that can be just a fun silly routine about parents raising teenagers or it can be a super serious routine that can give a parent a new outlook on life.

Celebrity Crush
The magician helps a husband and wife couple find out which celebrities have a crush on them. The spectators shuffle a stack of celebrities, and while the magician's back is turned pick an unknown celebrity, yet the magician was able to predict which two would be chosen for each other.

Blank Nightarot
This is a handling and extra twist to the so called "Bank Night" (Actually Tom Seller's It's Only Chance effect from the 1930's) plot, with something extra that ties the entire show together, and with an ending the is completely the opposite of almost every "Bank Night" routine.

Elastic Sensory Perception
The magician demonstrates his rubber band artistry by reshaping three rubber bands into various ESP shapes chosen by the spectator with a kicker ending where the rubber bands permanently maintain their new shape, and the spectator can keep the newly shaped rubber band.

Extra Squares Perception
The spectator chooses an ESP card (a circle, for example). Then a prediction is read out loud. "You will not choose the square." Of course, the spectator laughs (because although silly, the prediction is accurate - the spectator chose the circle, i.e., not a square). Then, as a kicker, the rest of the cards are shown. They are all squares. The spectator chose the only card that is not a square.

Stone Cold Mental 3 by Jeff Stone

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