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One of the most highly-anticipated book sequels in the last decade is now available. Learn 26 sophisticated, practical and impactful effects from one of card magic's most innovative thinkers.

John Guastaferro burst onto the scene in 2010 with the launch of his book One Degree. This beloved text introduced the magic community to John's signature "One Degree" theory, which explores how one small tweak can often be the difference between an ordinary routine and an extraordinary one. To this day, One Degree remains one of Vanishing Inc.'s bestselling books and magicians around the world have clamored for a sequel. That day has finally arrived with the release of Nth Degree. John has spent more than a decade exploring the farthest reaches of the revolutionary "One Degree" concept. He has refined these routines in front of real audiences to ensure that only the best of the best material made it into the pages of The Nth Degree. Every single one of these effects is as entertaining as it is astonishing.

"There are a few pockets of genuinely good thinking in magic scattered around the world. John Guastaferro occupies one of them."
Stephen Minch

From refreshing takes on four-of-a-kind routines to interactive effects and even visual stunners like a slow-motion deck vanish known as "Double Vanish", John offers a wide array of material for all different skill levels and performance styles. He has even found ways to amplify classics like adding an extra layer to the "Omni Deck" with his "Crystal Clear" routine or his stunning new kicker for Woody Aragon's "How to Find Your Other Half" where the eliminated pieces also match.

"Just as someone who loves music can identify a song by Gershwin, a person who loves magic can identify an effect by John Guastaferro. He's that good."
David Regal

As you work through these remarkable routines, you'll be treated to a mix of versatile new sleights that can be added right into your arsenal like the "Hands Off Half Pass" and "Proximity Peek Control". Each chapter also concludes with a thought-provoking essay on valuable topics ranging from boosting your own creativity to learning how to get out of your own way. Everything is explained in perfect detail alongside crystal-clear photographs in this beautiful 158-hardcover book. The Nth Degree exudes the elegance and quality you've come to expect from books produced by Vanishing Inc.

"With the Nth Degree, John continues to raise the bar. Exponentially!"
John Bannon

Those seeking to take the next step in their magic journey must first learn how to harness the value of thinking bigger. Let The Nth Degree by John Guastaferro guide the way. Grab your copy today!

The Nth Degree by John Guastaferro

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