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Have you ever wanted to perform the famous Bullet Catch routine but in an organic and modern way? Well... the time is over. This is Foam Catch.

You introduce a Nerf gun and a foam bullet, which is signed by one of the spectators. Now, a second spectator introduces the signed bullet inside the Nerf Gun and he rolls the drum in order to lose the signed bullet.

Right after this, he shoots you multiple times and, showing your hand empty, you catch one of the foam bullets. When you show it, it is the spectator's signed bullet.

Without any switch at all, you give the bullet to the spector to verify it is his bullet.

You will receive everything you need to perform the routine right after opening the box:

  • A gimmicked toy gun
  • Foam bullets
  • Safety glasses
  • Extra secret accessories
This routine has been performed and proved by Montoro's friends at their shows in the past couple years, becoming a must performance in every show they do.

Foam Catch (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Julio Montoro

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