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Imagine having one device that allows you to perform 100 routines!

For example:

1. Cody Fisher's incredible "Eat/Fart Routine" now available for stage It is one of the best comedy acts on stage, ask a spectator to think about the action they like doing and then you try to figure it out. For some reason, the audience is laughing at everything they hear, everybody thinks that it is just a joke, but prepare for the big final! (Comedy script from Cody Fisher included)

2. If you like the PK touch routine, this will make a great finisher for you, you give 2 spectators a board and ask them to draw an object on it. Both spectators will draw the same drawing!

3. It is quick and easy method to force anything, ask a spectator to underline work on a board and this word will be "force word"

4. You ask a spectator to draw any object and you draw as well... Of course, the two drawings will match, and it is not a pre-show!

5. You can even vanish an elephant! From the mind of course! You ask the spectator to remember the drawing on the board and show the audience the same board, when the spectators tell everybody what was on the board everybody goes wild because the spectators won't mention the huge elephant in front of the board and so on.

It's a high-quality product which includes:

  • 2 identical boards.
  • The covering of the boards, which is Dry Erase - Felt case for transportation.
  • 2 Dry Erase markers - "Eat/FART" Comedy script from Cody Fisher

SOULMATE by Hide & Sergey Koller

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