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Please note the original price of Cardiographic is 1310 USD (1250 EUR) + 80 USD added to the price for Shipping due to the very big size and weight of the Cardiographic Case and gimmicks.


Cardiographic is a stage effect used by JOHNNY THOMPSON, DAVID COPPERFIELD, WHIT HAYDN, MICHAEL WEBER and professional magicians worldwide.

This is Martin Lewis classic effect in which a card rises from a drawing and is then handed out as a souvenir.

Now comes Cardiographic in an A2 big pad format, being perfect for stages and arenas.

This stage remote electronic version is designed and made by João Miranda and his extraordinary team in Portugal, with Martin Lewis exclusive permission.


This electronic version has many features:

  • The magician can perform the effect hands free, due to reliable and long range remote control included.
  • The illusion is 100% programmable, meaning that each performer can adjust the speed and timing of the rising card. Then, with a push of a button the card rises exactly like the magician previously recording.
  • The pad itself does not use the traditional spring, but custom rings that open and close, allowing for a must faster setup.
  • The cover is laminated and the back part of the board uses a very special material, making it lightweight and very resistant.
  • The remote control uses VOR technology, developed in full by our team. The “Vibration on remote” tech means that when the remote control button is pressed, it vibrates, assuring the performer that the remote button was in fact pressed. This is crucial so that the magician is 100% sure that the button was pressed.
  • A Svengali custom laminated jumbo deck is included.
  • We include a custom STENCIL, making the setup and preparation a breeze.


Included with the trick is a full 60 minutes video explaining handling, setup, preparation and tips.

Cardiographic electronic version comes complete with all you need, including rechargeable battery and charger, and 100 REFILLS.



Cardiographic V2.0 by Joao Miranda

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