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Imagine that you are acting in a show and you announce that inside a deck of blue-backed cards, which is in view without the magician touching it, you have a prediction written on some red-backed cards, now you ask a spectator He starts the timer on his cell phone and you tell him that from now until the end of the show, the viewer can stop the timer at the moment he prefers and it will tell us exactly how many minutes and seconds his timer stopped. Now is the moment when you (the magician) mysteriously and magically take the deck of cards out of the case and when you spread it between your hands, all the blue-backed cards will be seen except for four red-backed cards that have written on the back of the cards. playing cards, the phrase "THE TIME IS THIS !!!" and when showing the faces of the four cards with a red back it is seen that with the numbers of the indexes of the four cards (as if the deck were a digital clock) is exactly the prediction of the number of minutes and seconds of the spectator's stopwatch.

"CLOCK DECK" will allow you to predict minutes and seconds of a stopwatch and you can also predict, with the same method, any of the twenty-four hours and minutes what a clock has. You can ask a spectator to turn the hands of his clock and stop it at any hour and minute (am or pm) and you magically open the case, you take out the cards, spread them between your hands, and show that there are only four cards. red back in a blue back deck and all four have, on the red back, written the phrase "THE TIME IS THIS !" and when you show the faces of those cards in their indexes they will be exactly the same numbers of the hour and minutes that the spectator freely chose to put on their clock.

(As in a digital clock) CLOCK DECK is very easy to do and it resets automatically, it is excellent for the mentalist magician and for the "close up" magicians because "CLOCK DECK" does not need a reset to be able to do it again.

"CLOCKDECK" is an excellent trick for stage magic and parlor magic because the cards can be displayed in an upright position so that the audience can see the magic effect clearly.

CLOCK DECK by Juan Pablo

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