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Couple is a revolutionary effect which you can do anytime and wherever you want. The magician show a normal deck to the spectators, then, he draw something in the back of a random card. When he shows the draw, people can see two stick man, one girl and one boy, but they aren't together (one is in the right side and the other is on the left site) also, on top of the back, there is a broken heart.

When the magician snap his fingers the draw moves, now the stick mans are together and the heart become in one piece. Then, the magician take the card and it becomes to a condom. in a blink of an eye. Very practical... isn't it? Furthermore on the online instructions Ivan teach you a bonus routine where  your spectators select  2 cards and when the magician snap his fingers they appear next to the stickmans! It's perfect to do in close-up or street magic, is very visual and easy to do! You will receive an amazing reactions! So... What are you waiting for? Buy your "Couple" now!

Keypoints to remember:

Couple is highly visual

Very easy to do

Perform it anywhere anytime

You can customize the gimmick in any way you want (use any kind of condom at the end)

Couple by Ivan Garcia

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