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ESPerfections is not like any other ESP Match routine. It uses a modern object, your phone but not in a usual way.

 In this routine ESP Symbols not only match with each other, ESPerfection have an additional impossibility cause the spectators place the card into a numbered envelopes. In your prediction is in a specific order of symbols showed on the Phone and it matches perfectly with the number and corresponding shape that placed into the numbered envelope that shuffled by the spectator.

 We hear you say: “Ahh its an APP…”. Yes it is and that’s the best part. You just set your prediction and NEVER EVER touch it again. So even its an app but how is that possible for you to predict the order of the symbols that are placed into a numbered envelopes? The odds are million to one. The best part is that you can instantly repeat the effect with a different outcome.

 Here are some key points why ESPerfections is an insanely strong routine:

 -Once the prediction is placed you NEVER TOUCH the Phone / Tablet

 -ESPerfection don’t use a remote control, once you set your prediction you don’t do anything with the phone, you can concentrate on your presentation the work is already done.

 -You can use different order of symbols every single time if you wish

-ESPerfection don’t require Internet connection


-Spectators can shuffle the envelopes and ESP cards as long as they want.

-Every selection is a FREE CHOICE, NO FORCE at all


-You get everything to start to perform right out of the box. ESP Cards, Envelopes etc

-ESPerfection can be done on ANY Android Device

-Regardless of your prediction it will match 100% EVERY SINGLE TIME!

-The APP is examinable they can do whatever they want before and after the routine

-Works perfectly on ANY ANDROID PHONE and TABLET


-ESPerfection can be used in ANY LANGUAGE

Watch the full unedited performance to see how clean and impossible ESPrediction is.


ESPerfection by Tibor

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