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Concept & effect by Joel Dickinson. Designed by Andrew Dean.

AVAILABLE IN A5 (black, blue and red) AND A4 (black, blue and red)


"This is an ingenious tool and will become my no.1 forcing method"
Harry Robson

F.A.B Board is a new and amazing piece of apparatus that enables you to force ANYTHING from a list of written words.

A force that allows your spectators to see what they really could have had!

It happens right under your audiences nose and goes completely undetected. A tool so flexible that you will be creating customised routines at the drop of a hat.

100% reliable; Giving you confidence to perform with no need for any additional outs.

Your spectators believe they have a free choice of anything, however their choices are completely under your control.

This new professional tool allows you to force anything at all. There are no complicated procedures, no mathematics, no unusual objects, no equivoque, no dual reality and no complicated sleight of hand.

This is a direct force with no messing around and it resets INSTANTLY.

F.A.B Board has been designed from the ground up by Andy and we guarantee a high quality prop made to last a lifetime

Each component is hand made by Joel Dickinson and Andrew Dean. And the board comes with a LIFETIME guarantee.

Ideas: cities, fruits, star signs, candy, ESP symbols... ANYTHING and EVERYTHING!The perfect forcing solution for every performance.

*NOTE : You only receive the the size you select (A4 or A5).(Life time guarantee on the board: Providing you don't taken a hammer to the force board we offer a lifetime guarantee on the board.)

FAB BOARD A5/RED (Gimmicks and Online Instruction) by Joel Dickinson & Andrew Dean

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