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Family Values is BACK, better and easier than ever before!

We bring you Family Values 2.0

Family Values 2.0 by Mark Elsdon combines two great effects to make for one memorable effect.

Combining the strengths of Heirloom and the Phil Deck; Mark Elsdon has created a super simple but highly powerful routine.

Here's what happens:

The performer presents an old box of playing cards dating back to the early 1900's. They state the cards once belonged to the "Atkins family". In the box there is an old tattered photo of the family, Frank, his wife Mary and their daughter Eve. Sadly the story goes that Frank was a heavy drinker, gambler and womanizer. Frank also thought of himself as a bit of a fortune teller and believed he could tell peoples future. The performer asks, have you ever heard the phrase "your card is marked?". Frank believed everyone had a "card" and wrote the names of family members and friends on the back of all of his playing cards. The performer shows the cards in the box to have all different faces and different people's names written on the backs. The spectator is asked to choose a card with a random name AND a random card from the pack.

The performer explains "The story goes that there was a fire in the Atkins house, luckily Mary and the daughter Eve escaped unharmed but sadly Frank was killed. It's said that Frank's spirit still live within his cards and that he really did know the future". The performer now shows that actually Frank is holding a playing card in the photo..... It matches the spectator's selection! The photo is now turned over. There is a written confession by Mary that SHE killed her husband Frank. The name freely chosen by the spectator is MARY.

This is a reworking of the original Magic Box release over 10 years ago. This time we have included a custom printed old looking deck and custom printed photos. It is ready to go out of the box. We have also simplified the handling and changed the routine/presentation

  • The effect is self-working.
  • Ready to go, no DIY.
  • Only one photograph used.
  • Cards are shown to have different names and values on each side.
  • Very fair/free selection of both cards.
  • May be customized.
  • Special printed deck
  • Two specially printed photos, one with printed text, one blank so you can write your own
  • Video tutorial
  • Access to photos online to print your own and customize the routine
"This is great; I love the presentation"
Marc Oberon

"A highly commercial effect that both magicians and mentalists are sure to love. Super simple, super entertaining and super strong!
Michael Murray

Original routine and presentation which can still be performed:

The magician displays a tattered photograph of his late, great aunt and uncle. It is explained that this aunt was an incurable gambler who also had a strong interest in magic, an interest that has been passed down through the family.

Offering a quick demonstration, the magician introduces a rather unusual pack of playing cards. The shuffled deck is shown to have regular faces but their backs each bear a different name upon them. The spectator freely chooses two cards from the deck-one to decide on a specific card, the other to decide upon a name. It is claimed that the selected card was a personal favorite of the late great aunt. To the amazement of everyone, it is revealed that the uncle in the photograph is holding the very same card! The magician explains that what is even more astounding is that the selected name is also the very name of the aunt in the photo!

But how can the magician prove this?

The spectator is directed to turn over the photo and read the message on the reverse side. The hand-written message is actually signed by the very same name selected at random only moments earlier!

Family Values 2.0 by Mark Elsdon

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