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Glimpse was originally released back in 2004 as a small manuscript. On this exclusive DVD running for over an hour Marc Spelmann will guide you through each stage of construction, giving hints and tips that didn't make it onto the original release due to space constraints. You'll also see Marc use Glimpse for various routines previously released, along with additional ideas and developements that have evolved since it's first release. Marc also tips an incredible card to card box under test conditions as well as tips on stack work. Glimpse is an amazing device that is suitable for Magicians and Mentalists in any environment, Close Up, Cabaret or Stage. The possibilities are endless, from the simplest close up routine to an amazing feat of memory on stage! It has the bonus of also being very easy to use! Here is what the pros have said about Glimpse

"Marc Spelmanns Glimpse is really a thing of beauty! It is entirely practical, deceptive and useful. If you want clean then Glimpse will give it to you. I give this product my wholehearted recommendation!" 
Richard Osterlind - Mentalist and Creator 

"I think Glimpse is brilliant, Its instant and easy to do. The possibilities are limitless." 
Richard Webster - Author and Psychic Entertainer 

"A clever innovation workers will use. Anyone who uses cards in magic or mentalism simply must have this." 
Kenton Knepper - Author and Magician 

"Fxxxing Deadly! It flew straight passed me. Great!" 
Andy Nyman - Actor and Mentalist 

Running Time Approximately 1hr 46min

"In the right hands, this is a very powerful and deceptive idea with countless uses." -Ian Rowland, The Magic Circular Magazine


Glimpse 20 20 by Marc Spelmann

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