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Let your audience tour the world with this new TRIPLE EFFECT PREDICTION! 

The performer displays a deck of cards (that he purchased overseas while performing). 

Although the deck appears to be normal, it holds a special place in the heart of the magician, as it is a memory from the country he visited. 

The magician asks a spectator to choose a playing card from the deck. The card is noted and placed back into the deck. 

Next, the magician displays a brochure from his travel agency. The spectator chooses ANY country (a free choice). 

The magician asks the spectator to start dealing cards down, some face up and some face down. 

The magician then puts a transparent bag on the pile anywhere the spectator chooses. 

The magician asks the spectator to continue dealing cards, some face up and some face down, even on top of the transparent bag. 

First Effect: 
The magician shows both hands completely empty and pulls the bag out from the pile of cards. A single card has traveled through the walls of the bag and is NOW INSIDE THE BAG! 

Second Effect: 
The spectator is then asked what their card was. The card is removed from inside the bag and it is indeed the CHOSEN CARD! 

Final Effect: 
The magician turns the card around to show that a country is written on the back of the card -- it is the SAME country she had FREELY chosen!!! 

Three mind-boggling effects in one amazing routine!


Isolated Destination by Jean-Pierre Vallarino

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