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The Rising Card. Who has never dreamed of performing this great classic of magic? A card is chosen, then signed, is lost in the deck, and then magically rises by itself. Everyone knows this effect, and many versions exist. But many questions and fears also exist about those versions, especially at the most important moment of the turn: 

Will my gimmick resist? 
I would like to be able to control the rise, but I'd also like to make the card go back down! 
Will I have time to do the reset? 
Yes... Several constraints needed to be improved upon. And we've done it 

With K.O.R, see the Rising Card in a different way! Indeed, have you ever wanted to have several cards selected? 100% free choice? All signed? And have them rise one after another in front of the spectator's eyes? 

It's finally possible! Thanks to this great classic of magic, and this brand new method, you will be able, really, to impress your audience! 

K.O.R is the NEW Rising Card! Never be afraid again. 

The gimmick will be provided ready to use with a tutorial video. All will be very easy to learn! 

Required level: BEGINNER

  • 100% free choice
  • All cards are signed
  • 100% Examinable box
  • Have as many as 3 rising cards in the same performance
  • AUTOMATIC reset
  • Nothing to make, ready to use
  • Ultra easy to do
  • 100% under your control
  • No thread
  • No elastic
  • Use your own deck!

K.O.R - King of the Rise by Olivier Pont

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