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Killer Elite is one of our best ever sellers.

It's simple yet powerful.

With this new Pro Size set we have gone to town with a custom designed and crafted real leather wallet (specifically designed to hold this effect) A custom printed heavyweight poker chip and special printed cards on our glorious Pro Size stock which measure 78mm x 108mm. Alakazam's Pro Size stock is perfect for any performing situation from close up to stage.


Four full color movie poster cards are introduced and placed in a line on the table. Your spectator is ask to imagine the scene. These four notorious movie killers are all sat in a room. The inevitable happens are the hardware is drawn. Three shots are fired and only one man survives. The survivor is the owner of the lucky poker chip.

You explain that by telling your story you have nudged the spectator in to a psychological corner and subconsciously implanted the name of the survivor in to their mind. As impossible as this may seem you can prove it! Your spectator makes their selection and of course you can confirm you know who they would choose all along!

Killer Elite is a classic that has been in the working repertoires of magicians and mentalists for years and now you can add it to your act.

The props are classy and the effect is super cool. Killer Elite is perfect for anyone from beginner to Pro!

Killer Elite Pro (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Alakazam

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