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Saturn Magic Presents LOOKALIKE by James Hawker & Luke Bingham.
Developed by iNFiNiTi

LOOKALIKE is a super fun celebrity/superhero reveal on a picture card.

We're giving you a whopping THIRTY Lookalike Cards (featuring five famous faces) designed for hundreds of repeat performances OR to be given away as forever-cherished souvenirs - it's up to you! The custom printed cards have been beautifully designed to sit in your regular red Bicycle Deck totally unnoticed, featuring our exclusive 'Saturn Angel Back'.

The basic effect is getting your spectator to pick a Celebrity and a Playing Card. The faces of their card then transform into THEIR celebrity's faces. Working Pros James Hawker and Luke Bingham will walk you through a variety of handlings - direct from their working repertoire - covering (in detail) how to force a card, force a celebrity and any basic sleight of hand needed to make the magic happen. Perhaps the true beauty of Lookalike however, is that the 'Instant Change' gimmicks provided allow for some awesome visual changes that involve no tricky sleight of hand or card switching whatsoever -you don't even need a double lift.

What you receive:

  • Thirty beautifully custom printed Lookalike Cards to reuse or giveaway, including:
    6 x Elvis
    6 x Michael Jackson
    6 x Ed Sheeran
    6 x Marilyn Monroe
    6 x Batman
  • 'Instant Change' gimmicks for ultra visual, non-sleight of hand reveals
  • Some extra bonus cards for a variety of routines including:
    1 x Celebrity Forcing Card
    1 x Double backer
    1 x Blank cards
    5 x Matching court cards
  • Online Tutorial featuring routines and handlings (from beginner to expert) taught by creators James Hawker, Luke Bingham & the Saturn Magic Team
LOOKALIKE really is feel good card magic that charms your audience, gets amazing reactions and produces the cutest of souvenirs that will be cherished like the celebrity has autographed their card themselves.

Lookalike (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by James Hawker and Luke Bingham

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