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Love Cards - A Book Test In Your Wallet 

For years the book test has been one of the most powerful effects available to mentalists. Now this classic effect has been brought bang up to date with a version that you can literally carry in your wallet. 

A number of 'love cards' are taken out from a wallet and examined by the audience. While the performers back is turned, the spectator thinks of a number between one and ten and takes the card at that number. With a word having been freely selected from the chosen card, they are all returned to the wallet as the performer turns back around to reveal the word that is merely being thought of. As an added kicker, the performer can even reveal the thought of number! 

  • No forcing
  • No fishing
  • Nothing written down
  • No memorisation
  • Everything examinable at every point in the routine
  • No multiple out system
  • Instant reset
  • Very easy to perform - Self working!

Includes bonus handling and multiple live performance videos.

The effect bills itself as "A book test in your wallet," and it practically is...as the ads state, there’s no forcing, fishing, in-depth memorization or multiple outs...This one is easy to learn and perform, and with only a half hour of study, almost anyone will have the basic mechanics to execute the trick. -Wayne Kawamoto, Magic.About.com

Love Cards (Gimmicks and DVD) by Craig Petty and World Magic Shop

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