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The 20th century was purportedly the most brilliant period in human history. Both science and the arts have experienced rapid development during this period, and so has the art of Magic.

From the black and white TV era of Cardini, to David Copperfield's vanishing of the Statue of Liberty, countless superstars had been born throughout these hundred years who have influenced us and still do until this day.

However, unlike these household names who have long been famous all over the world, the name Marvyn Roy may not be a well-known name amongst most magicians.

We turn back the clock to the 1940s. Right after World War II, Marvyn Roy, who returned from Normandy after he was wounded, attended the Department of Theater and Arts at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) where he continued to study the art of magic that he loved since he was a child.

By chance, Marvyn met his future wife Carol while performing. At that time, they might not have imagined that the two could hit it off and would create a classic that would be popular for over half a century.

With their passion for Magic and unique creativity, they used light bulbs as a theme and created an entire magic act consisting of novel effects based around light bulbs. From the basic vanish of a light bulb to the suspension of a light bulb in mid-air, Milk to light bulb, and the self-lighting light bulb (You would only understand what a true self-lighting light bulb is when you witness his original self-lighting light bulb routine), the string of light bulbs, appearing a person from a giant light bulb...this act was what would become known as the 'Artistry in Light' act.

He became famous after his debut and from then on and was since known as' Mr. Electric'. He and his wife, Carol performed actively on top stages like Broadway and major TV shows...

Having said that, we now segway to the main topic.

In the 'Artistry in Light' act, there is a part of the act that is regarded as a classic amongst the future generation of magicians. In the world of Magic today, you would still see it from time to time. There are countless master magicians who have performed it, including David Copperfield.

It is the 'Milk to light bulb'.

The creator of Pyro, Colin has partnered with TCC to bring you this reimagined classic of Magic.

This version differs from Marvyn's original two-person stage act, which uses hand-held large light bulbs on a cable. What we see on the market today are table lamp versions, like the one Colin produces. In addition to large stages, it can also be easily adapted to smaller theaters or parlor settings and can be operated by the performer alone, without an assistant.

There is no need to switch anything throughout the performance. Even a novice magician can learn the entire routine within a few minutes. You would then only need to focus on the presentation itself.

The body of the table lamp adopts a minimalist design. Even if it is viewed from a fairly close distance, there is nothing unusual to be noticed.

The LED bulb design is quite realistic. In addition to milk, it can also be filled with salt, a white silk scarf, etc.

The unit is operated by remote control. In addition to the classic routine, it can also be paired with other light-related effects as seen in the promotional trailer.

The set comes with an exclusive custom flight case, all the props needed for the performance fit in the case, and it can provide complete protection no matter where you go.

The total weight of the complete set of props including the flight case is only about 1.5 kg, which makes it quite portable.

Finally, compared to other versions which can cost upwards of 300 USD, this may be the most cost-effective version yet.

  • A legendary classic;
  • Fool-proof operation. Even a novice could master the operations with a little practise;
  • Minimalist design, realistic appearance, concealed gimmick;
  • Rechargeable. One full charge will last on standby for 3 days;
  • Includes milk glass as seen in the promotional trailer;
  • Custom flight case, all-round protection.


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