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The cleanest and best mobile phone mind magic is finally here!

Effect 1: From a deck of cards, your spectator randomly selects a card. They can even change their mind! The magician's mobile phone, which has been sitting on the table, is now turned over. That exact card is the only one on the screen! The magician never touches the phone from start to finish!

Effect 2: The audience is invited to take pictures at random using a mobile phone. After the filming, a spectator merely thinks of one of the photos. The magician picks up the phone, makes a prediction, and places the phone face down on the table. The spectator announces what photo they merely thought of. The magician asks them to turn over the phone - that exact photo is the only one on the screen!

The method is super simple ~ clean and clear!


1. Android and iOS can be used.

2. The magician does not need to touch the phone at all, just ask the audience to look at the prediction.

3. Clean, direct, spiritual magic

4. Sets up quickly - the photo predictions even allow the audience to take pictures on the spot

Created by the powerful magic of the Taiwan team, with the magic soul of Chinese supplementary teaching.

Photo Psychology by 808 Magic

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