POP by Steve Rowe



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Listen to Steve Rowe talk about how he does POP at every gig, and how he created this commercial miracle with a delicious souvenir at the end...

An almost self-working, repeatable powerhouse used by the professional magician but easy enough to be performed by anyone.

Pop is a commercial magicians dream. Allowing you to pull chocolate from a spectators winning scratch card.

We all know the best way to create impact at a gig is to give your spectators an impossible souvenir.

But impossible comes at a price...

Usually the effects are impractical, hard to learn and take forever to set-up.

Pop is what you've been waiting for.

Allowing you to leave your spectators with an edible gift that'll have them talking about you forever.

- 30 scratch panels included
- Multiple variations
- Resets easily

Pop gives you the power of real-life trick photography.

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Format: Shippable gimmicks & Download
Difficulty: Easy
Duration: 67 minutes