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PR3DICTION is the perfect opener for your SHOW!

A magical and fun routine where the spectator decides which way the show starts! A freely selected item by the audience matches your prediction and then you transform it into a real object, ready to use!

PR3DICTION allows you to perform various routines, giving you the possibility to start your show with cards, sponge balls, coins, ropes, etc! Even a different way to present the classic "Invisible Deck"!

  • Super easy to do!
  • Practically instantaneous reset
  • You can do it for live or online audiences!
  • You receive all the necessary elements and ready to use out of the box.
  • You can choose blue or red cards model
  • Combinable with invisible deck
  • You can perform it as an opening effect or in the middle of your routine.
  • You can start your show with another element if you wish.
  • Online tutorial explaining details and different routines.
Note: Does not include deck of cards.

PR3DICTION RED (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Ezequiel Ferra

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