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Mike is the creator of top selling magic effects such as ALCARDMY and EVANESE. In this DVD, Mike shares some of his tried-and-tested routines he uses in his everyday performances and shares a few of his pet utility moves. Mike consults on many magic projects, and this is an insight in to his thinking. This is the type of magic that uses regular props and takes up no pocket space, enabling you to carry it on you at all times.

You will learn TEN effects and moves that have also been created for SOCIAL MEDIA magicians in mind, with quick and visual routines required for Instagram and YouTube.

Some of the ideas require a little DIY and included are some of the items you'll need to make these up.

DOT - Very visual production of a sponge ball from a blank card.

FALLEN 1 & 2 - A Borrowed Coin To Bottle PLUS a Signed Coin To Bottle - two versions.

CANNUCCIA - A very novel Straw Through Bill penetration.

COIN TO RING - A coin instantly turns in to a finger ring - great concept for longer routines

ECHAPPER - A signed coin or ring is placed inside an envelope and magically escapes. This is Mike's 'go to' method of vanishing a ring or coin inside an envelope.

ML VANISH - Mike's own handling of vanishing a finger ring and showing the hands clean.

RTC - A finger ring vanishes and end up on a chain - uses the ML VANISH.

THE FOURS - A quick production of four coins in the hand.

VOYAGE - Three coins travel from one hand to the other.

CTE - A coin is thrown towards a closed envelope and ends up inside.

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PROJECT M by Mike Lui and Vortex Magic

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