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This trick is one of three that I first bought from Kaymar Magic, on my very first visit. That was TWENTY years ago (and counting) ... and I still use all three of them! (The other two are Psycho Dice and What A Turn Up). 

For me, this trick has everything. It's totally and utterly self-working. It will fool everyone. You can work it in their own hands. They have totally free choices, and it all still works out. Then there's the KICKER... and afterwards, everything is examinable. And you can reset it in a heartbeat!Now updated, we include a gorgeous custom printed A6 booklet with the instructions and include the deck, all set up and ready to go, straight out of the box, and also a link to online video instructions with more tips! 

Watch the demo, and don't let the simplicity of this fool you - I've been doing it for decades - and I wouldn't if it didn't get the very best reactions! 

The official blurb... 

The KICK! has been Kaymar Magic's bestselling trick since it was founded in the 1950s. It's clever, it's self-working, it requires no sleight of hand, no prepared cards, no rough and smooth, no forces, ends clean and examinable... and that KICKER at the end! SHAZAM!

The KICK! by Harry Baron and Kaymar Magic

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