Thought Process by Merchant of Magic and Wayne Fox

Murphys Magic Supplies INC

$ 45.95  $ 50.00

From the creative mind of Wayne Fox comes an impromptu mind reading effect for 'The Workers' 

Taken from Wayne's own performing routine, this is....Thought Process! 

Just think of any word...Think! 


A spectator mentally selects any word that is printed on a playing card box and remembers it. (A choice of over 30 words) The magician then instantly tells the spectator the word they are merely thinking of!!! 

: Instantly repeatable WITH A DIFFERENT WORD 
: Supplied with instructional DVD containing three of Wayne's unique presentations of the effect. 
: The word thought of, is at no point written down. 
: Complete with all props and special gimmicks for all three presentations. 

Running Time Approximately 36min 

" intriguing idea...The concept is brilliant..." -Wa,