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We all have traits, emotions, and characteristics that are personal to us. Everyone we ever met also has specific traits that make them unique.

This routine begins with having your friend think of any person that they know something about. It could be a friend, a relative, an acquaintance or someone famous. You then show them ten cards which have a list of 100 different human traits and emotions. You have them look over the 100 emotions and traits and find the one that most reminds them of the person they are thinking of.

They then take the card with that trait and put it on your palm, followed with all the other cards, which are mixed by you and by them. You then flip the cards over and have them look for the trait or emotion they are thinking of. Once again, they hand the card to you followed by all the others and they are all shuffled. At this point you already know the word they are thinking of, and you can reveal it anyway you like.

Practically self-working, no memorization, no fishing, a free choice of 100 words, the person never says anything, everything is examinable, works 100% of the time, based on a system by Bill Pryor which has been greatly enhanced and simplified.

Comes complete with the ten special cards (around 4.5"x5.5") and access to an online video tutorial by Arthur Kurzweil and Meir Yedid. A Meir Yedid Magic Product.

"Arthur Kurzweil has crafted an absolutely amazing routine... A diabolical method combined with an angelic plot. This powerful mentalism routine is a welcome addition to the modern Mentalist tool kit... I highly recommend it!"
Jeff McBride, creator of McBride's Magic and Mystery school.

Traits and Emotions by Arthur Kurzweil

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