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After many years of seeing different versions of "bitten objects" none was as amazing as bite card, you could play with it, sign its card and give it to the spectator.

When I was a child, my mind exploded!

I like to do magic with bills and I wanted to make a version inspired by a magic classic and in the time of the pandemic, locked up at home for almost 1 year... I was thinking about how to do it, make demos and put it to the test. I was able to create PERFECT BITE!

It has many amazing features; It's small, flexible, portable, and perfect for an EDC for your wallet.

Using Perfect Bite you can borrow a bill from a spectator or your own, sign it, bite it and restore it. Then give it to your audience to be examined, it's amazing!

PERFECT BITE can be used in different countries:

Get DOLLAR version for these countries

  • United States (any bill)
  • All South American countries (any bill)
Get EURO / POUND version for these countries
  • Europe (€ 10)
  • Pounds (£ 10)
  • South Korean won (5000 or 10,000)
  • Chinese Yuan Renminbi (10 or 20)
Get the YEN version for this country
  • Japanese Yen (¥ 1000)
I will teach you how to repair it and I will also teach you how to change it for another bill whenever you want.

Includes gimmick and online instructions

Tumi Magic presents PERFECT BITE (USD) by Erick White

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