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Tyvek Vertical Himber Envelopes Black by Alan Wong (Pack of 12)

Now also available in vertical openings! Tyvek Vertical Himber Envelopes are great utility poker card size, double sided himber envelopes, available in brown and black color, made in very durable tyvek material.

The new Tyvek vertical envelope series will have a total of 12 envelopes, including 2 normal Tyvek envelopes plus 10 Tyvek himber envelopes with a matching partition inside, so there are 4 compartments for each himber envelope.

Note 4 outs are made possible for written paper but not for four playing cards as the envelope will get too thick.

The Tyvek vertical himber envelope is good for 2 standard poker size playing cards.

They are made for switching and multiple outs:
  • Switch any freely chosen card into your force card
  • Use any two force cards and reveal either one as your prediction
  • Use two double face cards in one envelope to have four possible outcomes
  • Use any blank card with any words, symbols and numbers for the above applications
  • Force any prize, gift, prediction, bank night and any lucky themed routines
I use two of them in my Magnetic Himber Wallet and there are now eight possible outcomes but spectator sees only one envelope and one piece of paper.

Comes with 12 Tyvek vertical envelopes including 10 himber plus two normal envelopes. No instructions included.

Tyvek VERTICAL Himber Envelopes BROWN (12 pk.) by Alan Wong

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