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Take three VIP plates out of your pocket.

Except for a different QR-CODE on each, the plates are 100% identical, so there is nothing to see!

(Before you start, ask your spectator to put his cell phone on the table, because in a few moments, he will have to snap the QR-CODE of each plate).


Your spectator has two chances out of three to win! Will he be lucky?

After carefully examining the plates, your spectator places them on the table, one next to the other in a row.

Give your spectator a marker and the game begins!

Ask your spectator what their dream gift is? A car, a house, jewelry, a trip, etc.

Using the marker, ask them to write their dream gift on a post-it note and stick it on one of the 3 plates! No force!

The spectator does so and marks, for example, TRAVEL and then sticks it on one of the three plates.

Continue and ask your spectator to name a second incredible gift and write it on a second post-it.

Let's say they write a CAR, for example.

Again, he sticks this post-it on a second plate... again, NO FORCE!

We repeat once again!

There is no forcing! The spectator writes himself on the post-its and sticks them himself on the plates of his choice!

On a final post-it note, invite the spectator to write "A PIECE OF CANDY" for example.

Two chances out of three to WIN an INCREDIBLE gift!

Now invite the spectator to take his phone and snap the first plate, the plate with the "TRAVEL" post-it!

If the message WON appears on the screen of his phone, the spectator wins a trip.

The spectator snaps the QR-CODE himself, a beep is heard and... the word LOST appears on the phone screen.

The trip is unfortunately LOST you say.

50/50 chance now!

Invite the spectator to snap the plate with the post-it "CAR".

A beep is heard... suspense... LOST again!


The viewer can snap the last plate, the plate with the post-it note "A PIECE OF CANDY" to see that the word WONappears on their phone!

Take a piece of candy out of your pocket and give it to him!

This one had a two out of three chance of winning something fabulous, but luck cannot be controlled and today it was not there for your spectator!

Once again, everything can be examined!

Your viewer will be able to snap each plate over and over again to see that they really did have a two in three chance of winning an INCREDIBLE gift!

Watch the video demonstration right now and don't miss out on this miracle, you'll love it, I can guarantee you, the method is totally insane!Strong Points:

  • No force, the spectator chooses himself plates and writes on
  • Impossible to miss it
  • You can bet $1 million, no risk to lose!
  • No change! 3 plates, 1 marker and that's it
  • Infinitely customizable because the spectator can imagine what he wants.
  • Instantly reset
  • No app to load or buy!
  • The spectator uses his own cell phone
"One more time, the secret will blow you away you can trust me!"
Mickael Chatelain

VIP by Mickael Chatelain

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