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Do you want to be able to make a sharpie disappear or transform it into a card or something else in less than a second?

Axel Vergnaud is the creator of many successful tricks and effects such as ROOM 66, B.CLEAR, ETNA, META-MORPHE and KRAFT.

Today Axel presents "VISUAL PEN" a UNIQUE trick, extremely VISUAL and easy to handle. This new, extremely visual effect will completely amaze your audience. Imagine making a spectator choose a card, you make it disappear and you take out your felt-tip pen and in less than a second the felt-tip pen turns into a card, and that's not all, because the spectator's chosen card. You can even let the spectator hold the cap before the change. And leave everything to be examined. The main effect of this product is to display an all-black marker. In one go, you start to have a print on the black marker that shows part of the marker and in the next, you have a real printed marker that you can give away immediately for review. Also imagine that you are holding the sharpie and the spectator names a card and at the same time the sharpie turns into the spectator's card. Two methods explain how to use the gimmick with or without an additional gimmick. Other effects are explained in the instructional video. In front of a mirror, this effect will also amaze you as the illusion is so strong! Made and controlled by thebluefox.

Strong points :

  • Super visual.
  • Resets in 2 seconds.
  • You can use any sharpie or other.
  • It combines with many existing tricks.
  • Perfect for social networks, zoom and real-life conditions.
  • Easy to make.
  • Comes complete.
  • You can always have it with you.
  • Does not take up much space.

Visual Pen (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Axel Vergnaud

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